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Tille T5 REV VG

Tille T5 REV VG

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The T5 kart seat is a World Championship winning product, used by Lando Norris.

The T5 shape is nowadays predominantly used by younger or smaller drivers.

This model has a flat bottom and a more upright back position. The 63° back angle allows a powerful shoulder turn, which helps the very young racers.

With the T5 model, Tillett created the first ever “flat bottom” style seat. This innovation was eventually replicated by many other brands, as the iconic design feature gives a favourable performance advantage.

The T5 range offer four rigidities. T5VG is between the T5t and the softest rigidity T5VTi.



-T5VG is between the T5t and the softest rigidity T5VTi. See image rigidity chart for a better understanding.

-The T5 model has a flat base and a 63° upright seating position for additional power in the shoulders.

-The T5 seat is the most popular shape for drivers aged 8-12 years.

-The T5VG is predominantly used by small junior drivers in full sized karts.

-Used in classes such as OKJ, Mini ROK, Mini X30 and Mini Max.

-T5VG is one of the softer rigidities on offer and produces more rear wheel lift from stiffer seat models. Typically, we find the VG seats are more popular because of their level of flexibility.

-Approximate weight 1kg.

-Made with high strength resin

-Sizes available Ccd, CL and XScd.

-Used by professional teams and manufacturers.

-Highly developed moulding technique, designed and manufactured in the UK.

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