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2024 CRY30-S16 KZ Shifter with TM KZ-R2 Total Black Special

2024 CRY30-S16 KZ Shifter with TM KZ-R2 Total Black Special

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Special factory prep version of the TM R2 engine and acc.

NewLine radiator and shade

Freeline water pump assy.

chain & sprocket

KG Nitro air box and support

Fuel line, fuel filter, gas and clutch cable

- tires not included

Based on the S15 models we have further implemented and refined different technical details and we introduced new accessories to improve and simplify the use.

CRY30-S16: Homologation nr. - 007/CH/10

No difference in the geometry of the frames

New front fixing for the floor panel

New front brake system

New graphics

New graphic: like every year, the graphics have been renewed to give a more aggressive and modern look

Brake: the KZ chassis will be equipped with the new front brake system I25x2 RR EVO that has been tested during the 2022 season, characterized by a greater braking power that generates a better balance and a better performance.

Seat: the new FreeLine seat with a grey texture will be found in every model, its characteristic is a better flexibility

Chain guard: the new FreeLine chain guard has been designed and realized for the KZ category. It will be a standard accessory on the CRY model.

Fuel pipe guide: all the S15 karts will have a new fuel pipe guide fixed directly on the petrol tank

Axels: two new axels will be introduced in FreeLine range, one for KZ 50x2x1040 type 'O' and one for the direct drives 50x2x1020 type 'N'.

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