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2024 C28-S16 Mini with Vortex MiniRok

2024 C28-S16 Mini with Vortex MiniRok

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Rok MINI is dedicated to the very young drivers and has been shown to grow small karting talents. Thanks to some of its key features it is safe and easy to use, so that young drivers can become familiar with the kart without tension.

Based on the S15 models we have further implemented and refined different technical details and we introduced new accessories to improve and simplify the use.

C28-S16: Homologation nr. - 007/CH/92
Upgrade in the geometry of the frames
adjustable pedals HI-TECH
adjustable muffler support
New graphic

MicroRok  - 7 to 10 year olds

MiniRok - 9-13 year olds

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